5 Ways to Donate Wisely and Avoid Charity Scams

It’s really great that you are thinking of helping others and donating to charity. Giving to charity can actually provide several benefits to the donor as well as to those in need.

At the same time, donors should also be prepared for certain risks that might arise. Unscrupulous groups and crooks are using proven methods while looking for new ways to deceive those interested in donating to charity.

5 Ways to Donate Wisely and Avoid Charity Scams

Here, I’ll walk you through 5 ways to donate wisely and avoid charity scams, which you should be aware of when donating to charity. You should always keep an eye on each of them.

Do some research online

Whenever you are planning to donate to a charity, it is really essential to do detailed research on the charity where you are planning to donate. You have to consider this as your very first priority. This will reduce the risks associated with charitable donations.

Do an online search for the charity or charities you want to donate to. Review the reviews, complaints, and ratings of that particular. All of these details that are shared online can actually provide you with the crucial information you are looking for.

Keep in mind common scam behaviors

When you are ready to avoid something, you need to have adequate knowledge of that particular thing. Likewise, in order to avoid scams when you donate to charities, knowing the common scam tips that scammers usually use can actually help you.

Scammers typically use names of charities, which resemble names of well-known and legitimate charities. On top of that, dishonest charities will not be able to provide exact detailed information on the use of your funds in the same way as real organizations like Give2Children is a Singapore children’s charity Is.

Go with organizations that help your research organizations

There are a bunch of organizations that provide reports and ratings on how a charity spends the donations people make. When doing your research online, you can also ask them for help.

You will get to know these organizations on the Internet today. Or you can also ask some of your friends or colleagues who donate to charities more often.

Choose a secure payment method

The payment method you use when creating charities plays a huge role here. Always try to use your credit cards or checks when donating to any cause. All of these are traceable, so you can keep track of them.

At the same time, the Federal State Commission also warns that payment methods such as money transfer, cash and gift cards should always be avoided, as they are often associated with several schemes. After making a donation, always check your credit card or bank statements.

Report scam attempts

In case you have the frustrating and unfortunate experience of falling victim to any kind of charity scam, it is really crucial that you report the same. Your report can actually prevent others from making a mistake like you did.

This will not only help others get started with a charity scam, but will also allow the legal department to take action to stop the scam, which has been going on for days or even years.

Final tips

Follow all of these precautions when you are going to donate to a charitable cause. Donating to charities can actually deduct your taxes, but that doesn’t mean you’ll go for just any kind of charity. Make sure that you are offering your hard earned money to those who really need it, not those who scam people for their own benefit. So, before you make a decision, consider the things mentioned above.

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