5 family-focused gifts that will actually get used

You know your business is doing well when you start distributing branded hats, t-shirts, or other promotional gear. It can be effective, but how often does this customer actually use the item you so graciously donated?

Most of the time, they’re thrown somewhere in the back of a closet or, worse yet, donated to charity. Keep your marketing power strong with personalization corporate gifts! And that’s why it’s important to show your appreciation to your customers, employees, and other essential business associates with freebies they’ll actually use.

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5 family-oriented gifts that people actually use

1. Fridge Magnet Photo Frames

Magnetic Fridge Photo Frame is the quick and convenient way to create striking photos with a fridge magnet. With fridge magnets and photo frames, the possibilities are endless. You can easily order these magnets and give them away, and the recipient can personalize them as they wish.

They’re also so easy to customize – just drag and drop your images onto the canvas, arrange them however you want, then hit print.

2. Cooler bags

The cooler bag is the PERFECT solution to your daily problem. The perfect bag for a picnic at the beach or just to go play pétanque with your friends. The cooler bag allows you to store whatever you want to take with you. Whether it’s food – drinks – toys – games, you name it.

The cooler bags can be personalized with your logo to create a unique and exclusive gift. They are great for enhancing company branding, employee appreciation, customer contests, or other promotional efforts. The attached shoulder strap makes these cooler bags easy to carry on the go or in the sun, and a fashionable drawstring closure seals them tightly.

3. Gift certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to help your customers or employees celebrate their accomplishments or spend time with friends and family. This can include electronic gift cards, plastic gift cards, printed gift cards, reloadable prepaid credit cards, and online promo codes. A gift certificate is a perfect gift for any occasion, whether you’re buying for a birthday or anniversary, housewarming, or just to show your appreciation for someone’s hard work.

4. Food baskets

Food baskets make a great gift for any occasion. Corporate food baskets can be sent to an employee, customer, or salesperson as a sign of your appreciation or promotion. Food baskets are a great way to put together all the items you need and want in one convenient, affordable package. You can fill them with just about anything, from coffee and tea and snacks to cheeses, condiments and even wine. And with a huge selection of gift baskets, there is sure to be a range of food baskets that will appeal to everyone on your list.

5. Plush toys

Professionally designed plush toys that promote a company’s image and products are an absolute must. Good value for money but stylish, these personalized toys can be sold as corporate gifts, customer rewards or social gifts at various events or offered for resale in stores and websites.

Plush toys are awesome! Thanks to them, little darlings can travel in style, imagine exciting adventures and meet incredible characters from all over the world. These stuffed animals and plush dolls reflect those small but cute creatures that make our life more colorful. A teddy bear that looks, feels and acts like the real thing. Really cuddly and adorable. A new soft and furry plush with a heart that lights up with the push of a button. Friendly eyes flutter and dazzle. He’s so cute you’ll just want to hug and cuddle him! Whatever the occasion, these adorable plush toys are sure to put a smile on your face.

Traditional corporate gifts given to customers during the holidays often end up at the end of their desks or in a closet. Very few of them come back to the gift list year after year. So here are 5 family-oriented gifts that will actually get used.

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