5 content ideas for your small business blog

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A corporate blog allows you to increase the number of prospects by 67%. It is a platform for you to present brand value in a thoughtful and targeted manner and to be useful to your readers. Creating inspiring and practical content, and above all answering their questions, helps attract new customers, engage them and retain them.

To achieve this, we’ll explore simple yet effective content ideas for your small business blog.

Practical ideas for your small business blog

For a small business with a limited staff, one of the biggest challenges in blogging development is consistently delivering content that will consistently spark the interest of the public. The internet is inundated with a huge amount of content every second. Therefore, the conduct of unique blog activities should be carefully planned and consistent with the overall image and communication strategy of your business.

It’s not enough to just sit in front of the computer with a cup of coffee, get carried away and pour the wisdom of life onto the screen. The first step is to know your audience and the potential customers you want to reach – their needs, the problems they face, the content they are looking for.

In addition, it is essential to treat the creation of content for your blog as a systematic process. You need to have responsible people, a release schedule, a backlog with ideas, project management tools to keep track of the process, etc. For example, you can use Trello and configure Integrating Trello with Google Sheets to keep all the data around your blog up to date to understand how your blog is performing.

Content ideas you should try

The following five tips will help you define the start of your content strategy in the near future.

Provide exclusive content

It is often mistakenly believed that the only thing you can share in the newsletter besides promotions is your regular blog content. However, the feeling of belonging to a closed club of subscribers or a locked group of Patreon sponsors, inaccessible to ordinary people, increases the loyalty of existing consumers and arouses the interest of potential followers. Start working more closely with your audience by creating a dedicated community circle members.

The exclusive content type is the one that will only appear in the private submission. In other words, if people don’t subscribe, they won’t receive it. If you have an online store, you can offer a special first purchase discount, promo code, special offer, welcome pack, etc.

Otherwise, you can get in touch with other companies that are doing something complementary to what you do and create affiliate synergies that your followers will benefit from as well.

Share stories

When filling a blog page, you shouldn’t stop at presenting only dry practical facts. A personal emotional story is much easier to remember. You can use storytelling when writing about how you have an idea for the business. Glimpses into the beginnings and challenges of the still inexperienced newby elicit a response from the audience.

The business is made up of people, so you need to devote enough space to them. Customers will not see your business as a dehumanized organization but as a family full of energy and team chemistry.

It is important here to present the profiles of the founders and to give examples of real stories from the daily life of the company. Then, warm customer reviews will help readers choose your favor. The overall image of the website will become much more attractive.

Distribute practical tutorials

Regardless of what your business does – from selling kitchen knives to hosting parties, show that you are an expert at what you do. People are all looking for practical answers and solutions, especially on the Internet. Just give them a video master class on how to sharpen dull kitchen utensils or a photo guide on the best flowers to choose for a bridesmaid dress.

The knowledge, experience and skills of the team members are a powerful asset to the company and deserve global coverage. The educational utility of your blog can be the platform’s main hook.

Customer interactions and feedback gathered over time form a basis for writing FAQs.

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The cyclic entries of the “how to” series will be perfect here. It will be a win-win situation: readers will get what they are looking for, you will build the confidence and image of an expert, and the company website will gain a better and better position in the search engines. .

Start a podcast series

We perceive all visual information more and more quickly. The same goes for audio information. Video and audio podcasts are currently generating the most engagement. In addition, with a little effort, they can generate direct income.

So, you can broadcast a topic on multiple channels, which will help you reach a larger audience. Later, you can summarize the podcast in an article. No one forbids downloading the entire transcript.

It is impossible to act for long as an expert by slipping on the subject. Reliable research, proven sources and references to expert figures are essential. Add a variety of thoughts to your voice by interviewing famous people in your industry and becoming a program host. There are never too many recommendations and the competition should not be the enemy. You never know when they will pay you back.

Talk about mistakes in your niche

By ending with sincerity in communicating with clients, you should understand that real life is not all about winning. Discuss the most common mishaps and mistakes in your industry. Fight myths and break stereotypes – there have certainly been a lot of them over the years.

Allow your audience to learn from other people’s mistakes while avoiding the danger of making their own. Plus, reading about chess is much more interesting than flipping through a series of success stories.


As the title suggests, this post is just a signpost that can point you on the right path for your small business blog. There are many other ideas you can use to improve your blog’s performance, but the 5 mentioned above will work for most niches.

Finally, remember that the subject and style must fit into your company’s branding strategy.

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