5 careers to stay tuned to the evolution of the industry

Who knows how long a Space Marine will enrich a list of the most dangerous military jobs, as professional trends change with our world. During COVID-19, the main principles of job search, recruiting and even the format of job advertisements (https://federalresumeguide.com/what-do-few-vacancies-mean-on-usajobs/) have undergone significant changes. This is why “we have to run as fast as possible, just to stay put”, whereas under “place” job seekers should mean a volatile gig economy and fluctuating labor market demand. Like in the race of the red queen, you have to spend time and effort choosing a specialty to stay on the same fire for several years. Here are five strategic avenues for borderless careers in engaging and future-proof professional fields.

# .1 Course for IT specialists

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brought new standards of work, the way of doing business and of communication. A close fusion is established between industry and the Internet. Things like artificial intelligence (AI), DNA, prototypes, powerful algorithms, software development and design, cloud services, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are coming together through smart homes, energy, vehicles, aeronautics and pharmaceuticals. .
As smart technology affects almost all spheres of our life, IT professions will flourish, requiring new capabilities, digital skills, as well as professions that do not yet exist.

IT professions of tomorrow

If you have analytical thinking and can solve problems creatively, you might want to build a successful career in IT. Consider the following occupations that will continue to be in high demand:
● AI Expert guides the machine learning process;
● IoT Expert manages security and automation;
● White Hat fights against cyber piracy;
● Growth Hacker analyzes the data for the online positioning of the company;
● Climate Guardian implements the green economy.

# 2. Course for alternative energy enthusiasts

While it is not necessary to say goodbye to gas and oil, we should all make a sincere effort to reduce our dependence on energy sources that harm the environment. Experts in the field of renewable energies expect them to represent 30% of the world’s energy supply by 2024. Many projects rely on solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen, giving birth to thousands of jobs and dozens of new careers.

Alternative energy professions of the future

If you share the passion for making the spaces we live in environmentally friendly and enjoy doing research, you can easily turn that passion into a profession. Here are the careers in the field of alternative energies to become mainstream in a short time:
● The environmental consultant deals with pollution, air quality and soil contamination;
● The contractor / electrician equips buildings with alternative energy units;
● Green Engineering develops the required equipment and upgrade processes;
● The mechanic maintains the electric vehicle;
● Sustainable agriculture maintains soil productivity.

# 3. Pathway for content writers

People are consuming more digital content, which makes content writing, copywriting, and content marketing the driving force behind many businesses that drives sales. With the explosion of websites and blogs, the writing industry is increasingly saturated with professional freelancers, storytellers and writers, who can generate content articles, newsletters, white papers and more. high quality reports. The basics of mass communication, journalism, and search engine optimization will make it easier to understand content creation in depth. The demand for content creators is strong and continues to increase.

Careers of the future for content creators

Writing content does not require specific courses to make your future career. Good English and creative thinking are all it takes to start your next step. Here are some in-demand careers from a wide range of content creation professions:

● Writer / Producer creates content for the media industry platform and YouTube;
● Public Relations Writer builds the online appearance of a business;
● Digital Marketing Writer writes for email marketing campaigns, SEO marketing;
● Creative Writer widens social media audience;
● E-commerce Content Writer reviews products for online shopping sites.

# 4. Course for health specialists

The digitization of healthcare would normally take years to become mainstream. You are now used to talking to a doctor using the camera on your smartphone, tablet or computer. From digital primary care online consultations to virtual psychiatrist sessions, the pandemic is transforming healthcare systems around the world, bringing accelerated technological advances. By rethinking the relationship between healthcare and technology, millions of jobs will be added to this sector.

Careers of the future for the healthcare industry

If you enjoy working with people, have an aptitude for science and math, and are ready to embrace technology in public health, you may want to consider the following increasingly common professions at ‘to come up :
● Virtual Hospital Manager provides virtual care;
● The pharmacist of Precision Medicine Compounding takes care of the dispensing of the drugs;
● The surgeon / 3D printing specialist performs the surgical planning and reconstructions;
● Medical VR Programmer creates virtual reality for neuro treatment and research;
● The epigenetic consultant informs and educates on the genetic mechanism of the disorders.

# 5. Pathway for financial analysts

The global economy has survived tough times due to COVID-19. Individuals and businesses constantly need cost-benefit analyzes, sound advice and strategic decisions about their finances and operations. In-depth knowledge of geographic regions enables financial analysts to develop detailed presentations of data for management review. The ability to predict market trends under the most unpredictable conditions keeps this profession in high demand.

Professions in financial planning and analysis of the future

Knowledge of accounting, economics, a keen mind for numbers, and problem-solving skills are the building blocks of a successful career as a financial analyst. Here are the top roles that companies use to increase revenue and reduce spending from time to time:
● The Senior Financial Analyst reviews financial reports and makes recommendations;
● The CFO acts on the financial analysis to highlight opportunities for efficiency;
● Vice President (VP) / Director manages the work of one or all departments;
● The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) oversees financial management / accounting.

Seize the moment

Without a doubt, technology influences many trades and fields, whether it is by creating new types of jobs or by changing current roles. The skills that we have used for years have already been automated or will soon be. You should consider and embrace well-paying digital skills that keep new industries ahead of the next economic boom. Structure your career now to have a profitable future then.

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