5 best email marketing software to grow your business

If you want to grow your business, email marketing is one of the best ways to do it. Email marketing allows your business to reach people, wherever they are. Your main goal should be to make sure that you are reaching the right people with the right message – and that you are doing it precisely at the right time for them.

But manually working on email marketing is a long and tedious process and nearly impossible when trying to reach thousands of audiences. And it is also becoming dangerous due to the existence of spammers and hackers in the digital world. So how do we make it safe, secure and productive? The response is an automated email marketing software.

But there are many other benefits to using email marketing software as well. For example, it can help you create more targeted and personalized campaigns, measure the success of your campaigns, and even give you timely updates on subscriber interactions with your emails. It’s a great way to automate some of the processes involved in running a successful email marketing campaign.

So, I’m going to introduce you to the top five email marketing software that will help you grow your business gradually.

1 – Mailfence

It is one of the most secure messaging solutions. If your data is sensitive and you want to protect it from hackers, mailfence may be the best option. It encrypts data end to end. Only the recipient can decrypt the data from their end, which makes the data hack-proof and secure.

It is perfect for new entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for inexpensive email marketing solutions. Its starting price is $ 2.95. Mailfence has the following features that make it the most reliable and secure email marketing solution:

  • End-to-end email encryption using open PGP
  • Supports all popular protocols such as POPS, IMAPS and SMTPS
  • Password-encrypted emails
  • Two-factor authentication
  • It removes IP addresses from sent emails.

Thus, a secure and reliable email will make your communication efficient and simultaneously help grow your business by reducing technological barriers.

2 – Frisbit

Marketing manually is hard work when you plan to reach thousands of audiences, in this situation marketing automation is just the solution. In the age of AI, there is plenty of software to automate work at every stage and across industries, be it business, finance, or marketing. Frizbit is also marketing automation software that makes your job easier and increases the productivity of marketing staff. You can completely automate your email marketing through this one. Here are some automated marketing jobs by Frizbit –

  • Marketing automation
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Automated SMS Marketing
  • Web Push Notifications

So, you can completely automate your marketing work to maximize the growth of your business.

3 – Mailmodo

If you want to send personalized email then you need to learn HTML coding which most email marketing software needs. So, if you are not an expert in HTML coding, Mailmodo is for you. It helps marketers create app-like experiences in email by adding forms, shopping carts, calendars, NPSs, and other widgets in email without any coding. It provides drag and drop functionality in email editing which makes it user friendly. Mailmodo provides the following features in email marketing –

  • Automate emails based on user behavior
  • High deliverability and open rates
  • Automatic triggering of transactional emails
  • Find all reports on a single dashboard

Plus, it cuts down on the number of steps for users, thereby increasing email conversions, which ultimately helps your business grow quickly.

4 – To respond

With Replyify, you can automate your cold email process step by step. This makes following up very easy if you plan to target thousands of leads. The main advantage of this software is that you can use it with any email provider, whether paid or free, like Office365 or Gmail. It provides one click integration which makes it easy to use. So, with ease of use and best tracking features, it increases the productivity of your marketing team to the next level, which ultimately helps to grow your business quickly.


5 – MorphyMail

And finally, if you like free emails, MorphyMail is the right option for you. Its robust mailing list management features make it the right choice for marketers who manage thousands of leads. If a sent email bounces, it automatically removes that email from the mailing list, making your mailing list clean and lowering your bounce rate. It provides the following features for email automation:

  • Management of newsletters by e-mail
  • Mailing list management
  • Automation of email campaigns
  • Analyze email campaigns integrated with Google Analytics

So due to its unique features like automatic deletion of bounce emails and integration of Google Analytics with email campaigns, this email marketing software is super productive to manage your email marketing. -mail, which will ultimately help you increase your productivity and grow your business quickly.

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