3 things you need to talk about when interviewing for a job!

Before you can hope to get a job, you must first impress the new employer or the hiring committee. To best stand out from the crowd, you need to state your qualifications, why you are the right fit for a job, and why YOU stand out from the crowd. But if you just have the same qualifications and work experience as everyone else, what are you supposed to do to make the employer remember you better than everyone else?

If you’re not sure where to start or how to prepare for an interview, think about the things that make you unique. What previous professional experience do you have that is unique to you that few others have? Have you done an internship abroad in another country? Have you volunteered on another continent?

online job interview - what to talk about
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Find out what is unique about your experience and go for it! Here are some of the top things you need to cover in an online interview to increase your chances of getting the desired position for the new job!

3 things to cover in an online interview to be successful and increase your chances of getting the job!

If you are to interview for a new position in a company, chances are good that you are nervous and forget some things that you want to stay. However, by practicing ahead of time and determining the three most important things to mention in a job interview, you can make sure you cover the most important aspects before the interview is over.

Let’s see the three most important things to report to the employer so you can make sure you don’t get overlooked!

1. Unique work experience

One of the best things you can do is tie a unique experience with valuable work experience. If you are interviewing for a finance company and have spent six months doing an internship in Africa for a finance company, this is a unique experience that most other applicants probably don’t! Find a job on Patronize that will enhance your past work experience!

2. Personality traits that are beneficial for work

The second thing to mention in an online interview is the personality traits that you have that are good for hard working people. If you have to work in an office that requires long hours and good customer service, be sure to mention that you are kind, friendly, dedicated, self-motivated, and hardworking on long days. Find a job on Pathrise to interview that fits your schedule and daily schedule!

3. Any awards or certifications

The last aspect to mention in an online job interview is any rewards or certifications that make you more qualified than the rest of the applicants. Be sure to browse the jobs on Pathrise to find specific occupations that would enhance those with enhanced qualifications for the occupation.


If you’re looking for a job, use a website like Pathrise to find the profession you’re best qualified for. Navigate between professions that value your work experience, appreciate your personality traits, and appreciate any awards or certifications you hold.