3 reasons why employees quit their jobs

If you notice resumes from different career fields, most people will have changed jobs in their lifetime. While it is one thing to note that this trend is present, it is another way to understand why people change to work for another company or in another position. Here are three of the top reasons employees quit their jobs.

Reasons why employees leave their jobs
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1. Company reviews were not good

One thing that may shock you is that potential employees are looking for their careers before taking the job. The most common place they search, GlassDoor, provides employee reviews for different companies that can have a huge impact on whether or not you retain workers. Often the first thing potential employees check is the company’s overall rating on GlassDoor. Employers with better grades are more likely to retain their staff. Therefore, it is something that potential employees consider.

Another thing people will be looking at on GlassDoor is the Career Opportunity Assessment. Obviously, if you are more likely to offer opportunities for advancement, employees will want to work for your company because they can grow without changing companies. This means that if you provide your employees with plenty of opportunities and encourage them to rate your business, you can increase your chances of retaining workers.

2. The salary was not good enough

Another thing that impacts employee retention is pay. Often times, higher base pay rates encourage employees to stay with their companies for more money as they advance. This is prevalent in any type of job and industry. Remember, a higher salary means your employees are more likely to stay with your business.

3. There was no possibility of advancement

The last piece of workforce data that has an impact on employee retention is whether or not there were opportunities for advancement in a company. Even though the pay, culture, and benefits are great, workers are likely to leave if there is no room for advancement. On average, if an employee has been in the same job for almost a year with no chance of advancement, they are more likely to leave the company. After all, they want the best titles that come with more years of experience.

You are probably wondering what this means to you. Basically, this means that if you let your employees sit for too long, they will start looking for jobs elsewhere. It also means that you will be able to eliminate all the employees who are not suitable for your company, because you can promote the ones who are deserving, and the others will look for another job.

People will change jobs throughout their lives. Therefore, it is your job to be prepared and know what impacts employee retention. These are three of the main reasons people quit their jobs. One of them, you can easily fix it by encouraging your favorite employees to rate your business on GlassDoor. Improving these ratings will allow you to better retain your employees. Then you can use the rest of this information to make your business more attractive to potential and current employees.

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