20 ways to style your bohemian braids

Bohemian box braids, the extension at the ends undone

There are so many different types of box braids out there that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. You have probably heard of bohemian braids and are curious about what they are and how to get the look and especially if you are the one braiding the hair.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Bohemian braids, including what type of hair you’ll need, how to get them, and 20 different hairstyles to choose from. Short hair for girls is always a concern when trying out new hairstyles, but

Not with bohemian braids as it works with all hair types. Whether short or long hair.

About Bohemian Box

The difference between getting a bohemian braid box

They are Braiding hair with undone curly ends that make your hair look voluminous. Only the first few centimeters are braided, the rest being frizzy and unfinished. Although frizzy and undone doesn’t look pleasant, try it once for yourself and feel the difference.

Anyone who braid hair would love this protective hairstyle. It is also lightweight and the curly ends can be styled however you like.

  1. Long Goddess Box Braids

The goddess long hair box braids

With this excellent hairstyle suggestion, you can cherish your long hair and let it fall freely on your shoulders. Long hair is usually difficult to manage, and cutting it is a big business as well. You can look gorgeous, trendy, and alluring in this design. Until the end, the long strands of boho box braided hair are tied and secured.

  1. High Tress Bun with Thin Braids

Braided style with thin box braids

This artistic hairstyle creates a unique look. All of the hair is combed from the back to the front in this look, and the tiny braids are shaped so that half of the braided hair strands remain open like braids. To tie the braids and improve the aesthetics, multi-colored threads are used. A giant giant bun is constructed with all strands and strands at the top of the head and secured with a sloppy look.

  1. Bohemian braids for thin hair

Boho braids for thin hair


This hairstyle is designed for thin hair. To achieve a similar look, simply part your hair down the middle and braid as many bohemian braids as possible with extremely thin strands of hair. After knitting the strands of Bohemian Box braided hair up to neck length, leave them open and tie them with black rubber bands. Leave the rest of your hair relaxed and slightly wavy.

  1. Brunette Long Goddess Box Braids

Long hair goddess box braids

If you have stunning long, dense hair with a smooth texture, this is one of the chicest boho braided styles to try. Adding a golden brown tint to the color enhances the hairstyle and makes it stand out even more. Several box braids are formed from a side partition and left open at the ends to complete the look.

  1. Box Braids Bohemian Brown

Brown bohemian box braids

This haircut is designed for progressive and modern women who want to look attractive while maintaining the convenience of a well-managed and long-lasting hairstyle. This style requires the least management and ensures that you look great every time you leave the house.

  1. Creative elegant pattern

The zigzag pattern style

Pattern is an important aspect of the hairstyle which can enhance the beauty and style of the overall appearance while making it stand out. You can achieve the exact look with the same texture and appeal even if you don’t have thick, straight hair. Several bohemian braids with a gorgeous zigzag pattern are produced in this style, and a few of the fine strands of curly hair are left open in the front to add to the elegance of the style.

  1. White box braids with spiral curls

White bohemian box braids for long hair

Hair extensions can be used if you want to keep the same hairstyle or if you want to reap the benefits of having such long and dense hair. This innovative hairstyle requires hair angled in one direction and plenty of box braids all over the place, with a few curly spiral locks left out of the box of braided locks.

  1. Multicolored Goddess Box Braids With Open Ends

Multicolored goddess braids with open ends

The attractiveness of a haircut reaches a new level when it becomes artistic. Thanks to the fun hues, this hairstyle is a unique and innovative haircut that is charming and eye-catching. Young futurists yearn for this kind of elegant and fearless style with long hair. If you have long hair, have it colored and styled like this, and if not, get yourself some extensions and enjoy the look. Multicolored colors are applied to the hair in a nice and neat way.

  1. Burgundy wavy curls with box braids

Burgundy wavy curls

No one can look away from that gaze. This style is superlative and very innovative due to the perfect blend of burgundy red hair color with black and the optimal combination of curly spiral hair strands with bohemian braids. As you can see, each box braid contains two tons of black and red which a skilled hairstylist can only achieve. Many strands of hair are tangled in many box braids.

  1. Accessorized bohemian braids

Accessorized bohemian braids

The shiny black hair is parted to the side and tightly braided all over the head in several bohemian braids. After knitting up to half the length, each section of box braided hair is left open. The remaining loose hair is twisted and twirled to add volume and beauty to the ends.

  1. Copper brown bohemian box braids

Light brown bohemian box braids

This style is created with hair extensions in an extremely silky copper brown color. Doing this hairstyle is a truly unique and unique experience. Using hair extensions, a plethora of boho box braids are produced all over the head to bring gorgeous color, luster and density to the hairstyle. The combination of rich black roots and copper braids creates a stunning style.

  1. Combination of box braids with corded braids and curls

Mixed style

Rope braids, spiral curls and boho box braids are used to style dense dark hair

in a beautiful combination. Silky brown threads are used for this style of braid. Strands of hair in a variety of styles provide a voluminous effect and frame the face beautifully. It is an appropriate style to choose with exceptional comfort for young girls and office enthusiasts alike.

  1. Bohemian Box Braids swept to one side

The side sweep style

Girls love these hairstyles because they give them that feminine appeal by bringing all of their hair together on one shoulder. The hair is combed from side to side in this hairstyle, and many thin boho box braids are made, leaving the pointy ends open and curly. The hair has a different texture because of the thin braids.

  1. Scalp Model with Boho Box Braids

Off The Shoulder Bohemian Braids

To make a haircut look unusual and unique, stylists usually focus on the lengths and top of the hair, but the emphasis is on the pattern generated on the scalp in this style. With several braids and locks of curly hair creating patterns on the scalp, the upper part of the hair is transferred to one side.

  1. Short side blonde square braids

Square blond brains with short sides

This style can make you look furious and brave, perfect for the bold and fearless girls who can confidently set new standards of beauty. Bohemian braids with blonde hair extensions are created by dividing the main section into small square boxes. The shaved sides are the most unusual aspect of this hairstyle.

  1. Stars with brown color extensions

Stars with brown braids

Goddess box braids are so named because of the deity of the hairstyle. It’s hard to balance this sparkling and bold design with a delicate and serene appearance. This hairstyle is adventurous and fierce, thanks to the bold scarlet brown hair extension. The star patterns are used to form box braids which are then beautifully extended with brown extensions. This style is a great starting point for trendy young ladies.

  1. Tight and patterned black braids

Tight and patterned black braids

This is the perfect style for those with a wider forehead due to the hair spread all around, which makes your hair look voluminous and takes the attention away from the wider forehead. With side parting, several tiny boho box braids are produced until half of the hair is left open with spirals to make the hair denser, and the rest of the hair is left open with spirals to make the hair look longer. thick. Free ends with large swirls go well with the overall design.

  1. The hippie look

The creative hippie look

Changing your hair color to chestnut can completely transform your hairstyle and your personality. The cornrow box braid is made from the very center, and the rest of the hair is parted at the sides to make multiple box braids. This hairstyle is all about embellishment and decoration. Various brown and yellow wooden beads in different sizes give the complete haircut a hippie vibe. For young girls, this sassy and chic appearance is a must-have.

  1. Accessorized bangs with Bohemian Box Braids

Accessorized bangs with bohemian braids

This is the most original look, and it takes a lot of courage and confidence to be successful with taste. It is a hairstyle that is not for everyone. The hair is cut asymmetrically in this haircut, with long front bangs. The hair is braided in a series of delicate bohemian braids. Each braid is embellished with a multitude of shiny beads and pearls at the end. This decoration gives an impression of exclusivity and individuality.

  1. Medium length bohemian box braids

Due to their heavenly appearance and alluring sobriety, bohemian braids are rightly called goddess braids. This haircut is for people who have medium length hair. Several rectangular boho box braids are shaped and wrapped so beautifully at the ends, leaving just an inch of hair open for a clean and adorable look. The hairstyle is elegantly accessorized with golden threads and huge metallic beads.

These are the 20 most amazing bohemian hairstyles that we have put together for you, all of which have been created by top-notch hairstylists. These styles are timeless and will never go out of style. Examine all the styles and choose the perfect one to establish your own fashion style and walk with confidence.

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