20 top tips to better market a restaurant

After eating at home for so long, it’s now likely that everyone has forgotten where the best places to eat are in town. This is where your restaurant marketing comes in.

These 20 top-notch marketing tips should help you remind past customers how wonderful your restaurant is, and get new diners lining up around the block for a table.


Before launching a marketing campaign, it is imperative that you define the type of restaurant you want to be. Gastronomy or sustainable food? For vegans or a steakhouse?

Once you have defined your restaurant brand, make sure that all of your marketing material adapts accordingly. If not, do not use it.

Professional food photography

You can’t eat with your eyes, but boy, your eyes can whet your appetite.

Invest in using professional photography services to photograph your designs and the restaurant itself. They say a photo can say a thousand words, so you want to make sure your photos speak positively about you.

Social media presence

Make sure you have one and the bigger the better. Put your professional photos to work on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They showcase your restaurant and often give customers a first impression of your business.

Social media engagement

Regularly update your social platforms with content, like promotional offers or specials. These regular updates will boost engagement with your customers, making them more likely to come visit you.

Use and encourage the creation of customer-generated content. Asking your customers to post and tag a photo of their meal on social media is very effective (and free!) Marketing.

Online Notice (OR)

Provide a platform for your customers to rate yourself online. And encourage them to do so. Whether on Google, Bark, Travel advisor or even your own website.

Economic studies within the European catering industry have shown a beneficial relationship between a positive RO and the financial performance of a restaurant.

Negative press

Know how to handle it. Instead of responding vehemently to any negative press, reach out to the customer and ask for constructive feedback. Maybe even invite them for a return visit to try to change their mind? Customers will see and appreciate your desire to provide them with ever better service.

Google – My business

Set up a Google – My business account of your restaurant. This will ensure that all of your information such as your location, website, and contact details will appear on Google when you search.

NAC online development

NAC is an acronym for Name, Address and Contact Information. Make sure these are pushed heavily within your online presence as they help put your restaurant at the top of Google searches such as “restaurants near me”.


Much like social media, this will help inform a customer’s first impression. Make sure your website matches your aesthetic, is easily navigable, and has a simple but effective domain name. Put your professional photos to work here too.

Online menu

A standard 93% of clients will check your menu online before heading to the restaurant. Well, that’s only if they like the look. So make sure they do that by having a well-designed menu that promotes all of your best dishes and creations.

Online delivery and reservations

As a result, if you know what, these are now extremely important in the restaurant industry. Include them on your website and be sure to market them on your social media platforms and in the restaurant.

Email advertising

It’s a simple and easy way for you to communicate directly with your customers. Tailor these emails to specific customers for maximum returns; for example, share breakfast deals with those who travel early.

Partner with 3rd Party delivery platforms

Let businesses like it Uber Eats and by Dash deliver your food and give your restaurant regular exposure to a large number of users.

Loyalty rewards

Encourage your customers to visit regularly with loyalty programs. Simple and easy diagrams are often the best. We all know how annoying it is having to remember to carry all of your loyalty cards, so make them mobile or online if possible.

The personalization of the rewards adds a nice touch and shows your appreciation to those who visit regularly.

Offers & promotions

They are simple but very very effective. Who can resist a two-for-one pizza deal for themselves and their partner on a Thursday night?

Local community marketing

Use familiar local language and photographs in your marketing materials to specifically appeal to people in your area. These announcements (tend) to improve your ROI because they are addressed directly to those who are likely to visit them.

Local ingredients

Use local ingredients and let your local community know!

They strengthen your reputation within the community, and eating at your restaurant gives customers the opportunity to reinvest in their area (and people like to invest in themselves).

Show your staff

Show your customers the friendly and friendly nature of your restaurant and its staff. This will help improve customer perception of your service and friendliness, especially after 18 long months with very limited social interaction.

Start a food blog

Blogs allow you to share with your customers what kind of restaurant you are, and regular blog entries will help build a relationship between you and your diners.

They also provide insightful and interesting content to share your social media platforms.

Share the positive press

Maximize any positive press you receive by showing it as much as possible. Don’t be shy, let people know how good your restaurant is.

This advice came from the Toronto leader HOSPITALITY BUSINESS BROKERS™, CHI Real Estate , which help customers buy and sell restaurants and commercial properties.

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